Interview with fellow Todmorden Nationalist and candidate for Todmorden Council Chris Jackson. NB: Some disturbance to the beginning of the broadcast and the interview was cut short due to major technical problems.
Tying up some loose ends, Jack Renshaw calls in around 33min into the show and we put the BNP's Steve Squire and the BNP in general under the microscope before discussing green politics. David Baillie also participates.
A conversation with Jack Renshaw and Kevin Layzell, former Regional Youth organisers of the Young BNP. What caused the BNP  split? David Baillie joins in.

Interview with Yorkshire NF activist and founder of the British People's Party Eddy Morrison. Eddy is the editor of Britain First, the NF's magazine and editor of the party website. David Baillie joins in.

Interview with Trisha Scott, NF Activist based in North Yorkshire. We will be discussing the Remembrance Sunday parade, activism on the East Coast and setting the record straight regarding who runs the NF.

Working class heroes. The Labour roots of British Nationalism and discussion of the essential components of a working class political platform.

Were the Celts really conquered? A panorama of Celtic society, Celtic Nationalism and discussing my alternative vision for a national state for the British Isles.

Discussion of the Rotherham Muslim grooming gang controversy, economics and other points of interest. Rodney Martin joins in.

Discussion of the decline of Great Britain's  manufacturing industry, why we should not be so eager to vote to leave the EU and other items. Rodney Martin joins  in.

Discussion of Todmorden's own MP John Fielden, Reaction to the Scottish Referendum and the  BNP leadership change. Rodney Martin joins in.

Covering several updates from the "Fighting Back" Campaign, dirty tricks by the Town Council and will be discussing how voters have received the campaign thus far, and some sundry items. Rodney  Martin joins in.

Interview with Alex Davies, founder of National Action.

A discussion with Rodney Martin the need for Independents, not party politics, the reason to tactically support left wing radicals over the reactionary right.

A chat about local developments at Calderdale Council before moving onto fake "NATO Patriotism" David Baillie Joins in.

A front line report from Bradford NF activist, my formerelection agent and ex-British People's Party leader Kevin Watmough  from the recent Oxford demonstration.  Rodney Martin joins in.

A discussion of Celtic Nationalism, history and will take us through destruction of Great Britain, Rodney Martin joins in.

A discussion as to how to uncover and expose local political corruption in the UK. Rodney Martin joins in.