1. Local Self-Determination:


"Fighting Back" campaigns for the reversal of the 1974 Local Government boundary changes which removed Todmorden's chances of insulating itself from the decay of Northern communities by handing all control of our town to Halifax. Fighting Back does not recognize Todmorden Town Council as the legitimate heir to the old Todmorden Municipal Authority and does not believe empowering  it will benefit the community.

"Fighting Back" is, therefore, committed to breaking Todmorden Town Council up into five Parish Councils (Ashenhurst, Cornholme, Stoodley, Town Centre and Walsden), uniting them with the four Hepton parishes of Blackkshaw, Erringden, Heptonstall and Wadsworth and forming a new District Council to be known as Todmorden with Hepton Council.



2. Stop the Liberal Invasion.


Far more dangerous to the native, working class Todmorden community than the five hundred or so local Pakistani population is the new wave of wealthy elitists and pseudo-socialists who have been occupying our Town Halls. Using taxpayers money they have consolidated their control over us and imposed unpopular policies such as the Rose Street demolition, turned potential employers away and priced locals out of the housing market.


"Fighting Back" stands for the interests of the true Todmorden population and demands the ending of all projects designed to change the culture of our town and will always place the needs of genuine locals first. To that end "Fighting Back" Councillors will divert grant applications away from multi-cultural, cosmopolitan and politically correct organisations and use it to provide tax rebates for local landlords and employers who take real locals on.


3. Turn the tables and build a future for OUR Next Generation.


Unlike the Tory element who look backwards, "Fighting Back" looks out for the next generation. We need a long-term economic recovery plan for Todmorden so it can survive the collapse and look forward to more than the fate of places like Bacup and Rochdale.


To this end "Fighting Back" Councillors would seek to establish free public loans for any local who has spend more than half his childhood attending a local school to set them up for a future in their hometown, to be written off by 1/3 against the birth of every child. Secondly we would fight for cheaper mortgages, insurance rates etc. for locals to give them back the advantage over outsiders. Finally we would seek to prioritise such locals in all aspects of Public Services.


4. Make Todmorden a safe town for all.


In every community there is always an element who thrive on the misery of others.  There can be no place for dealers of hard drugs and those who prey on children, women and the elderly in Todmorden.

To this end "Fighting Back" would fight to chase charities and bodies who assist in settling paedophiles, wife-beaters, rapists and heroin addicts out of town. All lawful measures would be employed to make Todmorden an unwelcome place for those who disrespect our community and those who place the needs of anti-social elements ahead of decent residents or our town.


5. Local food, clean environment and neighbourhood autonomy.


The decay and demoralisation inflicted upon our communities through Central Government policy must be halted and reversed through pro-active, positive investment in Todmorden. A future for our people can be achieved by rebuilding our town from the neighbourhood level upwards.

To this end "Fighting Back" seeks to end the current policy of allowing unaccountable organisations to take the lead in such efforts and establish a pilot project of voluntary Community Councils of 750-1500 households which would be controlled by elected, non-political neighbourhood committees. Residents wishing to participate could buy into these, aquire voting rights and such bodies would be given consultee status regarding planning policy and the ability to invest in such projects as community allotments, renewable energy and public amenities.

Stand up for what you believe in, even if it means standing alone.