Welcome to the Fighting Back website. Fighting Back is a totally Independent, grass-roots political campaign fighting for white interests here in Todmorden.


My name is David Jones, I was born in Burnley and was raised here in Todmorden where I am a fourth generation resident. I became active politically at an early age opposing  military intervention, supporting countryside causes and defending freedom of speech. In my early years I supported the Stop the War Coalition, Farmers For Action, The Countryside Party and the joint farmer-haulier led direct action blockading the Crewe fuel refineries. I am also a supporter of gun rights, and bikers rights.


In Winter 2003 I joined the National Front after becoming disillusioned with the anti-free speech attitudes of the anti-war movement, in reaction to successful the election of BNP Councillors in neighbouring towns to myself. I campaigned for them in several campaigns before joining the smaller, but more dynamic, northern-based White Nationalist Party in 2004 which merged with four other organisations creating the Nationalist Alliance, which sought to become the main  rival to the increasingly liberal British National Party.


In 2005 the Nationalist Alliance fell apart and the rump of it’s members (including myself) formed the British People’s Party, in September 2005, and I became it’s Calderdale District Organiser and simultaneously it’s Youth Leader. Chairing many meetings up and down the country. In 2009 I turned towards local electoral politics after campaigning on behalf of the local  British National Party Candidate in 2007-8


 The newsletter Fighting Back first appeared in May 2009 as the local campaign circular of the British People’s Party and became popular very quickly amongst ordinary local residents who felt ignored and marginalised by Todmorden’s ruling political interests.  My small team and I distributed thousands of newsletters campaigning against everything from rumoured mosque proposals to local development issues and in 2010 I contested the Calderdale Council election obtaining 283 votes (4.9%). In 2011 I obtained 203 votes but the share rose to 5.5%, and in that years Town Council ballot I obtained 158 votes (17%*). In December 2012, after being raided by the Armed Police and being arrested on several spurious race hate complaints my vote rose to 254 (8.5%).


The majority of these complaints were made by the Liberal Democrats.


After the 2012 Calderdale Council elections, conflicts between myself and my party caused me to become an Independent Candidate. Something I always wanted to do anyway. In October 2012 I contested the racially-mixed Central Ward by-election  for Todmorden Town Council going up against  a Liberal Democrat who had the backing of the then Muslim Mayor, an MEP who was the daughter to the Ashkenazi Dr. Michael Taylor, or “Slick Mick” as he is known here. Despite a smear campaign I obtained 127 votes (26%), and in April 2013 I obtained 54 (14%) votes in another by-election in Cornholme Ward, an extremely left wing ward in which my participation helped deprive the Liberal Democrats of the victory.


In December 2013 I assisted the National Front Candidate in a by-election of their own helping them to push a former Liberal Democrat Town Councillor into last place. I attend the Town Hall regularly as well as some other public meetings such as Ward Forums and anti-bedroom tax meetings. I have been doing so for several years and in 2011 I was a major factor in the taxpayer  funding drying up for a local Marxist charity, and in the last year  I have successfully pressed the Town Council to get Todmorden Railway station made accessible and to boost support for the Citizen’s Advice Bureau.  I have also constantly applied pressure to increase attendance and standards by elected members of the Council.